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Padded paper shipping bags

WAVEMAILER® Polstertaschen aus Papier

  • Extrem stabile Polstertaschen aus 3 Lagen
  • außen weißes starkes Recyclingpapier 140 g/qm
  • In der Mitte wellenförmig gefalztes Recyclingpapier 120 g/qm
  • innen glattes recyceltes 90 g/qm Natronpapier
  • Umweltfreundliches Material (Papier, kein Plastik)
  • praktischer und stark haftender Selbstklebeverschluss
  • innenliegende Seitenfalte: einfach zu befüllen, problemloses handling auf Transportbändern etc.
  • herstellerneutral (unbedruckt)
  • Problemlose Entsorgung im Altpapier und zu 100% recycelbar
  • Made in Germany
  • FSC®-zertifiziert

Recycelbar und recycelt. Nachhaltige Verpackung.

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  • WM1-100
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WM1-100 162 x 229 + 80 mm (C5) 6.000 100 bags
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From 40
WM2-100 176 x 250 + 80 mm (B5) 6.000 100 bags
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From 32
WM3-100 229 x 324 + 80 mm (C4) 6.000 100 bags
From 1
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From 22
WM4-100 250 x 353 + 80 mm (B4) 6.000 100 bags
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From 18
The padded envelopes made of 100% recycled paper completely without plastic! Simply... more
Product information "Padded paper shipping bags"

The padded envelopes made of 100% recycled paper completely without plastic! Simply sustainable.


Our plastic-free recycled paper shipping bags are the environmentally friendly solution for shipping shock-sensitive goods. The paper shipping bag is equipped with a practical self-adhesive strip (adhesion closure). Pull off the cover strip, fold over the flap and press on. Done. The ideal packaging for your online store.

These paper mailers are made of recycled and extremely tear-resistant paper. Our WAVEMailers consist of a 3-layer paper composite:

The outer layer of recycled 140 gsm white mottled paper protects the contents from contamination and moisture.
The middle layer gives the WAVEMailer its name. It is made of corrugated 120 gsm recycled paper and effectively protects the contents from shocks.
The inner layer, with its very smooth 90 gsm soda paper, makes it easy to fill the packaging and ensures a positive buying experience for the recipient thanks to its pleasant feel.

The WAVEMailers are"Made in Germany" and 100% recyclable. Disposal by the end user is simply via waste paper.

From practice for practice: details that make the difference.
Adhesive strip cover antistatic optimized (paper) - Sustainable and even when filled quickly, the cover strip does not "stick" to your hands. The practical internal side gusset gives you a larger filling volume. With 2 x 25 mm ideal also as a Maxibrief to send. The extra long sealing flap of just under 8 cm ensures a secure closure of the bag opening. 

The specially beveled corners of the closure flap and the inside side gussets simplify filling and ensure error-free, machine processing by your sender. Thus, these paper envelopes are ideally suited for all shipping companies such as DHL, DPD, UPS or GLS.

By using these sustainable paper cushioning mailers from our WAVEMAILER® Series you protect your products and protect the environment. Of course, the WAVEMAILER®  are 100% recyclable. Disposal and return to the raw material cycle is simple and quick via the waste paper / blue garbage can.

These padded paper envelopes are ideal for shipping, for example, cosmetics, costume jewelry, books, data carriers and much more.

Color outside: weiß
Color inside: braun
Opaque: Yes
Self-adhesive closure: 1 (permanent haftend)
Adhesive strip cover: antistatic optimized
Flap: beveled
Print: possible on request for an additional charge
DHL compliant: Ja
Deutsche Post compliant: Ja
Environment: aus 100% Recyclingpapier hergestellt, 100% recyclable
Other: Seitenfalte, unbedruckt / neutral