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Stand-up pouch in desired color/design

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Sustainable and in your desired color or design. With or without window  Your product... more
Product information "Stand-up pouch in desired color/design"


Sustainable and in your desired color or design.
With or without window 

Your product does not deserve off-the-peg packaging, but individualized design, sustainable i.e. recyclable material and all this in top quality at attractive prices.

Advantages of stand-up pouches:
Lightweight and space-saving, optimized storage and low-cost transport, flexible filling, artom protection, ideally suited for manual and automatic filling with a variety of food and non-food products.

Would you like to take a look at your product? No problem. Choose the version with a viewing window. You have (almost) complete freedom when it comes to the size and shape of the viewing window. You determine the graphics and layout completely yourself. Including window size and shape. Whether circle or diamond, front or back. 

Key facts:

  • Sustainable material: Recyclable mono plastic, odorless and tasteless, 80% less use of resources compared to glass containers or plastic containers
  • Naturally suitable for direct food contact
  • Supplied pre-opened for easy filling by hand or machine 
  • Optimum product protection: no drying out, clumping or loss of flavor
  • Flexible: different sizes for almost any application, from sample packs to family packs
  • Also ideal for very small runs from 500 pieces and production samples
  • Individual: In your desired color or design
  • Delivery time approx. 3 weeks from print approval
  • Made in Germany

Note: The sample is a standard print sample and is primarily intended to illustrate the size of the bag. Machine samples with your print motif are possible. Please ask for these separately. We will then provide you with a corresponding offer immediately.

Good to know:

Sustainable plastic: Reduce - Reuse - Recycle!  The majority of flexible packaging is made from composite materials that are incinerated after use because they cannot be recycled. Not so our stand-up pouches made of mono plastic. They areeasy to recycle, can be easily disposed of by the end customer via the yellow bag/yellow garbage can and thus contribute to a functioning circular economy.  

Examples of applications for stand-up pouches (doybags): Food supplements, CBD products, food of all kinds, coffee and tea, pet food, cosmetics, clean beauty products, spices, dry herbs, spice mixtures, sweets, confectionery, candy, accessories, tobacco, tobacco products, small parts, screws, eyelets, electrical parts