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Sustainable packaging from organic film

Verpackungen aus Biofolie - Bioverpackungen - abbaubare Folien - abbaubare Beutel

Nachhaltige Alternativen zur Standardfolie

  • Als Flachfolie oder Beutel
  • kompostierbar nach EN 13432 oder recycelbar
  • bedruckbar
  • optionaler Selbstklebeverschluss reversibel oder permanent
  • optiional antistatisch optimiert, gelocht, geblockt
  • kurze Lieferzeit
  • individuelle Formate und Druckmotive möglich

Sprechen Sie uns bitte an. Wir finden sicher eine nachhaltige Lösung für Ihre Anforderung.

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Anteil nach-
GREEN Premium Cellophane / Cellulose 90% highly transparent yes yes yes no 75.000
GREEN Standard Organic Polyester 30% milky white yes yes no no 50.000
ECO Recyclate LDPE 0% transparent no no no yes 100 *)
Nordwerk GREEN - The alternative packaging made from organic film! Today, films and... more
Product information "Sustainable packaging from organic film"


Nordwerk GREEN - The alternative packaging made from organic film!

Today, films and plastics can also be produced from other, partly organic, materials. So-called "bio-film" or "bio-plastics" are used when additional environmental aspects are to be taken into account. In colloquial terms, "bioplastics" have become established as a generic term for films that have environmentally friendly properties and/or are made from renewable raw materials.

Their advantage is that they grow back and can be easily reintroduced into the natural cycle after use. This not only protects our environment, saves as much as possible on the cost of expensive disposal, but also leads to less dependence on petroleum, which is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive.

Our sustainable packaging made of bioplastics is industrially compostable, home compostable and biodegradable according to the DIN EN 13432 standard. At least 90% of the material is metabolized during the composting process. Only water, CO₂ and biomass are produced in the process.

The films we use have excellent mechanical properties and are available in many designs at short notice. In addition, they are environmentally friendly and resource-saving without having to forego the advantages of conventional polyethylene films.

Due to the wide range of possibilities, formats and designs, we do not keep any immediately available stock of packaging made of bio-film, but produce exactly according to your wishes.
We will be happy to advise you on your current and future projects involving bio-packaging.


If you need shipping bags, flat bags or textile packaging immediately, we can offer you the products of our brand NORDWERK ECO as a sustainable alternative.


These film bags are mainly produced from already recycled films (regranulate), are reusable and recyclable. 

Our immediately available stock program includes six commercially available and field-tested sizes. Quantities as small as 100 bags (!) are possible. Individual productions with regard to material thickness, imprint and size are possible - depending on the format - from about 15,000 bags. 

We will be happy to provide you with an attractive offer for your needs and application or send you non-binding test samples.

On the subject of bio-films and environmentally friendly packaging, you can findsome more background information here .